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Supplier of liquid and flake calcium chloride, rock salt for de-icing and commercial ice melting products, specializing in corrosion management, supplier of erosion control blankets, geotextiles, and products for earth retention, sediment control, and base stabilization.
Country: United States

We have set ourselves the obligation to organize the production process of high-quality constructions, what requires a lot of attention and skill, and what from the date of manufacture of the first product in 2001, we learned to do at the highest level. And now we do not dwell on it we improve and refine the production process at the enterprice to ensure the highest quality of products. During the process of production of our products, PVC (unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, PVC-U) and aluminum windows, doors and other limiting constructions, we use the finest, high quality, modern initial materials, meeting the requirements of the legislation.
Country: Latvia

Promote the cathodic protection of reinforced concrete where it is the correct technical and commercial solution. Corrosion is probably the single most serious cause of deterioration of reinforced concrete structures. Buildings and bridges are suffering from corrosion because of contamination by de-icing salt, sea salt and salts cast into the concrete. A Dept of Transport report has shown that over half a billion pounds worth of corrosion prevention is necessary in the future to preserve the motorway and trunk road system in England and Wales. The Highways Agency has recently endorsed the use of corrosion prevention methods utilising cathodic protection, realkalisation, chloride extraction and other similar techniques. Comparable problems exist on other reinforced concrete structures all over the world.

Primary Seal Window & Door Systems is a proud Canadian Company with premium vinyl windows that set the standard for excellence in the window industry today. Our entire window line is Energy Star compliant, CSA Certified, and Window Wise Accredited. All of our vinyl extrusions are made of 100% Lead Free Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride ( uPVC ) windows. Whether your project is Replacement, Renovation, or New Construction, Primary Seal Windows & Doors can provide attractive, energy efficient products of only the highest quality. Your satisfaction is guaranteed by our outstanding 25 year warranty, 100% coverage on all components, hardware, and craftsmanship. Primary Seal BC offers architects and engineers with design flexibility. Primary Seal will work closely with you in insuring timely delivery is met for your next project.
Country: Canada